How to survive and thrive in the recession

The recession has already seen the demise of some household name companies. Recessions are part of the long term business cycle but it's more than 15 years since the last UK recession and many businesses are likely to be caught unprepared. One of the common mistakes in a recession is to cut prices to increase sales volumes and this is often the quickest way to make a bad situation disasterous. 

Get some practical tips on how to survive the recession with this one day workshop:

  • Learn the vital difference between profit and cashflow

  • Find out why profitable businesses fail 

  • Get helpful tips on managing stocks and customer debts

  • Learn some practical measures to improve cashflow

  • Discover the pitfalls of chasing sales by cutting your prices

  • How to improve profit and cashflow without increasing sales

  • Get a practical guide to cashflow forecasting

The seminar is competitively priced and carries a "no risk" money back guarantee.

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