Paul Lower FCMA 

Paul Lower has over twenty years experience as Finance Director of several global entertainment, media and retail companies.  His FD experience includes working with growing companies, in one case a business that grew from annual sales of less than £5m to ultimately be sold for over £100m.

As an independent consultant he has worked with a wide variety of small and medium sized enterprises (SME's), providing financial advice and training to improve business decision making and helping them to achieve their ambitions.

Paul has comprehensive experience of improving business profits and cashflow in both SME's and large global companies. As an enthusiastic and experienced business trainer he provides training and coaching to “non financial” clients from the private and public sectors both in the UK and abroad; teaching how to interpret and apply financial information in improving the performance and results of their organisations and businesses. 

He has extensive experience in key areas of business finance that could well be where you need help right now:

  • cashflow improvement
  • optimising prices and improving profit
  • finding finance for your business from banks and investors
  • strategic and financial planning

Paul is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.