How to survive the recession and improve profit

Turmoil in the world's financial markets brought gloomy news for the start of 2009. Several famous UK companies have already gone out of business and there is no doubt that this year is going to be tough for small business and big business alike. And when things get tough it is essential that you have somebody providing the essential financial skills to help your business survive and thrive.

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Strong cashflow is the single most important factor that will determine whether your business can survive the recession.

We can help you to improve your cashflow by improving your cash control and planning systems; helping you to unlock the cash tied up in stocks; speeding up the collection of the money owed by your customers; helping your to find finance and funding (yes, you can still find it).

Strong profit is the foundation for business growth

Strong profit provides the engine for business growth by generating additional cashflow for your business. We can help to improve your profit by helping you to optimise prices and  improve gross margins.

What makes us different?

Our clients tell us we are different because we understand real businesses - what we offer is based on more than 25 years "sharp-end" experience.

We can help your business to succeed by

Part time Finance Director services for businesses without a full time FD

Financial consulting

Financial training and one-to-one financial coaching

SPECIAL OFFER - a financial health check worth £199 available to new clients at no cost.

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